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Birthdays, Baking, and Baby Momma Drama 
9th-Sep-2008 10:06 pm
Today's my dad's birthday. He's 49! I miss being home. By the time I woke up after my orientation today, Matt had already gone to work. I'll call dad when matt gets home if it's not too late. If not, I'll have to call tomorrow. =( It upsets me a bit that Teresa is there, because I worry about my dad. I don't want her to hurt him anymore, or bring new/more drugs into the equation. I want something/somewhere wholesome for my nephew, although that's not my decision. It's my sister's. And my dad's life is his own. It doesn't stop me from worrying, and from holding my grudge against her, as bad as it is. Hopefully I get to talk to dad tonight/tomorrow. I haven't gotten to chat with him since my birthday.

I've been making cookies fairly often lately. I went to make the Sandtrooper Sandies out of my Star Wars Cookbook the other day and found that I was lacking vanilla extract and confectioner's sugar, so I decided to wing some things. The cookies are supposed to be able to be rolled, like sugar cookies, but what I come up with must be spooned onto the baking sheet and expands like chocolate chip cookies do. I don't know if it's how I change them, but it's no big deal. The end result are modest looking cookies with a texture between sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies that aren't too sweet and remind Dustin of "Christmas as a child." lol. The last time I made them, I think they came out the best. I made a huge batch for DnD, and everyone agreed that their first bite made them think of apple pie....peculiar. lol. Probably the cinnamon I added in as a whim. Anyway, I give you a visual recipe:

Ingredients: 3/4 cup butter, at room temperature
1 1/4 c sugar
2 eggs
semisweet chocolate chips
2 c all purpose flour
1/4 tsp salt
vegetable oil for greasing the baking sheet

1. Put the butter in a bowl. With an electric mixer (or whisk....like I did) beat the butter until soft and light in color. Gradually add the sugar in a slow, steady stream and beat until creamy and lemon yellow. I found the butter to be about a mashed potato consistency.
2. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Add chocolate chips and cinnamon, to taste. Now you've got something on the thin side of pancake batter.
3. Sift together flour, salt and a generous dash of cinnamon. Slowly incorporate the dry mixture into the batter in small increments, mixing well. The dough will get harder to mix as you get to the last bit of flour. If the dough is like sugar cookie dough and can be rolled and cut, refridgerate it for one hour before rolling out and cutting out with cookie cutters. If it's too wet for that, you can use it now. Spoon onto a greased baking sheet.
4. If sugar cookie consistency, bate at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes. If spooned onto the baking sheet, bake at 350 for 3-10 minutes.

they aren't the prettiest cookies ever, but they're delicious.

There hasn't been any end to the fun when it comes to Matt's ex. Oh I'm sorry, sarcasm doesn't carry well in text. I expected most of what's happened; She doesn't want me to see Kaleigh, won't budge at all on this fact. Even though she told Matt months ago that when I moved here, she'd at least meet me first before she made a decision (even then I knew that she'd make a fuss.) Well, he was supposed to see Kaleigh last week so that he could give Elizabeth some money. Elizabeth never got back to him about it and then she calls (several times until she managed to catch him) saying that she was coming by to pick up the money so she could go shopping right afterward, and that she wanted me to HIDE in a back room so I didn't see her......what? I mean...seriously? She expects me to hide from her presence? The nerve! This is my home! I'm not going to put myself away in a closet because she's...I don't know. Matt couldn't take her the money because he was on painkillers for his cyst, and she didn't want me driving him over to her place because she doesn't want me to know where she lives.... (To prove my point that this is retarded, I input her mother's name into whitepages.com and found it linked to a name that just HAPPENS to be her dad's....and an adress with a convenient map. The real lulz? If I'm right and this is her...she lives on Devil's Den Lane....)

Anywho, a friend of hers apparently saw Matt and I out and about and called her up to let her know that I'm a "scuzzy hippy ho" with (and this is the only part that really upsets me) "a tattoo across her tits."

Mmmkay, because I have correct human anatomy and decently sized mammary-bags, my tits are lower than my tattoo. If my tits WERE tattooed, her friend wouldn't have been able to see that because I have some modicum of decency, which is more than I can say about her friends, from everything I've heard. It did upset me that she called Matt to let him know that she knows that I'm a "whore". Bitch, you had a baby your junior year of high school! You flit back and forth between boyfriends like a bee in clover and you taunt Matt, saying you cheated on him while you were together and that Kaleigh might be someone elses! Leave me alone!

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm in no way shape or form surprised at the personal attacks. It just upset me when my tattoo got brought up in a sentence pertaining to me not being allowed around my boyfriend's child. My ink is so crazy important to me. It both reminds me of my mom, and helps me to feel closer to her, and to tell the truth, it makes me feel as if I am more worthy of being. Matt freaked out when I confided in him that I feel like I'm something worth looking at now that I have a tattoo. I guess he took it the wrong way. But it is something that has become and changed me. I am more in love with myself than I have ever been for having gotten it. I guess that's what lets her insults sting more than they should.

One thing that is funny about it is that she's part of the Hot Topic Generation. Too much eye makeup, and SO ANGSTY. Her fucking AIM names are along the lines of Fragile Lost Angel and Gothic Carebear 666 and shit like that....but she doesn't think I should be allowed around her child because I have a tattoo?

And I'm engaged to the person who not only started to date this beast, but continued to be with her and wanted to marry her? Let's take a ride on the fail boat! All aboard!

I do love Matt, but seriously. Shit. If I'm already ranting like this, who knows how much ulcer-inducing stress she'll gift to our lives in the future? And because they reproduced together, we can't really just ignore her and move on for another 16 and a half years. I'll be 40 before I can say what's really on my mind!

Yay, I read all that and saw how selfish I am.

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