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baby shoes, never worn.
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10th-Aug-2008 09:46 am - Hrm....
I have an unholy amount of spoons in this room. It's almost clean. After I'm finished, I think I'm going to take advantage of the fact that I'm borrowing Kari's camera, since I have to give it back to her tonight and all. It's getting down to the wire now. 45 hours now. This is a crap entry to make. I'll just leave the window open until I'm done and can add more SIk wUrdZ and piccies.


This place seems so bare. I bet my threshold is shattered, too. I have out the last craft project I'll do here, and give the leftover supplies to the boys, and a hamper that's got what I'll wear on Tuesday set out, along with my carry on bag. My suitcase is in the living room, stuffed full.

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My sister called. I'm supposed to go over there tonight for a going away dinner. A while ago, I mentioned to my dad that since I was leaving just a little bit before my birthday, I'd really like a cheapo cd player for the trip to Virginia. A ten dollar model from Dollar General would have been perfect, just something to let me listen to some music on the plane and train. Today Kari said that when they come to get me, they'd take me by "Wal-Mart or Somewhere" to pick one up. Cool beans. Then she asks if I could go half in on it. My first response was that I'm dead broke (because I am) and if I had any money I would. So I guess my agonizing over CDs in my carry on will have been for naught. I feel really selfish for being a bit upset about this. They've got money problems right now with Dad being the only one out of four adults working. I would have rather her said that they couldn't get it at all than ask me to go half for my birthday present. For her birthday, I took her to Gordman's and let her spend 80 dollars on new clothes since the ones she'd worn pre-pregnancy didn't fit quite right anymore. Now I'm pissed at myself that I even brought that up in my head. I feel petty and a little bitter. I wish I had never quit my job at Sonic to help her out, a little. I love my sister and I'd do anything for her. I just wish that life was a little less rough on me once in a while. I'm really stressed out and I wish I were in Virginia already.

Erica's already bought new sheets for the bed in here, since my room will become Reilly's room. With everything bare in here, I feel really homeless. 42 hours.
9th-Aug-2008 04:29 pm - T minus 3 days...
Now that moving is so close, it seems absolutely unreal. I keep staring at my ticket, wondering if I show up at the airport, someone's going to laugh in my face and tell me that I can't fly. I've spent over $100 shipping my stuff to Virginia, I went and bought some new underwears and a luggage tag today. I'm so broke it ain't funny, but I have everything I need. My sister owes me a bit over 100 bucks now. Dad said he'd try and give me some more monies before I left, but if he can't, I think it'll be okay. I just have to scramble to get a job when I get there. For that reason, I keep considering combing out my dreads. Then I think about how they're almost five months old and I get mad. I won't do that. Not unless it looks like I won't get a job with them at all. I don't care if I have to flip burgers at fucking McDonalds. I don't want to get rid of my dreads. I'm not ready to.

My birthday is in two weeks. I haven't thought about it at all until today. All I want for my birthday is to have tacos for dinner. I miss back in the day when Daniel, Jenn and I all lived together and my nights off work when Daniel would be away, Jenn and I would eat tacos and play Magic. Fun times, dood. I miss Jenn like crazy, I wish she and Jason would move to Virginia. I hate not having my best friend anymore.

While going through my things, I found the horns I bought at a Renn Faire way back when. It was raining that day and Daniel and I stayed out for hours even though the weather was crappy. We kissed in the rain like crazy. He was dressed up in the ruffly button down shirt and the fake leather pants. So hot. Bastard. I hope he dies in a fire. ANYWAY, since I had three evil lookin' kids, I took pictures.


I sent out my package for the Alton Brown/Good Eats swap. I don't know how I feel about one set of items I sent. I think the idea was better than how it turned out. I'm happy with the other two sets, tho. I just hope my partner likes them. That's the important part.

Stupid Discovery Health channel... I've had babies on the brain lately, so I've been watching their morning preggo shows. I don't think this is healthy.
21st-Jul-2008 10:20 pm - A finished piece of art
My tattoo was finished tonight. Samantha is a blast! Even though I was in the most pain I've ever been in in my entire life, it was awesome. Everyone should go to Mystical Illusions and let her manhandle them; she's the coolest chick in the world.
19th-Jul-2008 05:13 pm - Yay Craigslist!
Mrs. Robinson got sold today. I think my car is going to a good home. The guy who bought her was really nice, and had a pot plant tattooed on his arm. I'm not saying that's how I know he's nice, just observing. One thing I didn't get was that I was very honest with the fact that the car wouldn't start without some parts replaced, but people were still getting dissappointed and going "oh nevermind" when they asked on the phone if the car ran and I said no. In the Craigslist listing it said it didn't run. What did you people expect for 100 dollars anyway?

I shipped a couple pair of jeans and my mother's urn to Virginia today. (The jeans to keep the urn from bouncing around in the box) I can't not go. lol. Even if I didn't have the tickets, I couldn't not go. My mom's there! I'm going to use USPS flat rate boxes to get my books to Virginia too. That way, they won't weigh down my luggage and I'll have more room for the stuff I want to take with me. If I have to leave behind my plaque with the Hogwarts school coat of arms on it, I'll be sad!

I need to go downstairs and print out my Amtrak ticket.

I need to go out back and put together the clubhouse I told the boys I'd make them.

I can't believe there's only three and a half weeks left until I leave.
16th-Jul-2008 04:34 am - Yay art!
So I finally realize why Prismacolor markers are so darned expensive. I give you the best skin I've done in a while.

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11th-Jul-2008 05:07 am - Hey Kelsey
I've been suscribed to HeyKelsey on Youtube for a while now. It was her cover of Boats and Birds that hooked me. Today I signed on and saw that she'd covered a John Mayer song. I do not like John Mayer, but I listened anyway. Everytime I've heard Why Georgia on the radio, I've turned it. I really don't like that song. Well, this girl did it amazing. Add that with the sounds of nature (and the cock crowing) in the background, and I have to say that this is my favorite song in quite a while. She also uploaded Between the Bars by Elliot Smith. Much love to this chick!

30th-Jun-2008 06:03 pm - The tattoo!
Samantha at Mystical Illusions was just awesome. It hurt like a bitch, but most of it wasn't so bad. I think it's because I was rambling like crazy, just talking about whatever I could think of.

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27th-Jun-2008 12:00 am - Dissappointment and Redemption!
Well, I saw the tattoo artist today and do you know what price he quoted me for the beginning of my chest piece? 550-800 dollars! That's a little ridiculous, considering my sister's design, which was bigger and she wanted it on her ribs, which is harder to tat, he told her 350. I went to Mystical Illusions to check out their artists and met Samantha, who rocks out loud. She told me 350 for all the motifs I want on there. I'm really happy. I've got a Saturday evening appointment with her.
23rd-Jun-2008 09:46 pm - Tattoooooo!
I have an appointment on Wednesday with Josh Daniels, a tattoo artist at Atomic Lotus. I'm really looking forward to it.
23rd-Jun-2008 03:06 pm - Happy Birthday Mom.
She would have been 42 this year.
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